The Parliament represents the Catalan people and is therefore key to its political life, holding debates and taking decisions that affect the everyday lives of the people of Catalonia. The Parliament is made up of a single chamber or house composed of 135 members chosen democratically via proportional representation.

The Catalan parliamentary institution dates back to the Middle Ages, with the assemblies of pau i treva (peace and truce) and the Cort comtal (Court of counts).

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Visit the Parliament

We invite you to visit the seat of one of the oldest parliaments in the world.

You can check availability and reserve online. A specialised guide will show you around the most emblematic areas of the palace, and will discover you the history of the building and will explain you the functions of Parliament.

Guided tours:

  • Guided tours have to be booked in advance, at least two days before the tour starts.
  • They are free and last forty-five minutes on average.
  • They are offered in several languages.